Switching AC loads with arduino.

Hey guys,

I want to switch a 12A heater with an arduino.

I was thinking of using (PB1267-ND) as the relay.

A 2N2222 transistor to switch it, and a 15A fuse.

Do I need anything else? A flyback diode of some sort for the motor?

Don't know if you are wanting to run a heater, or a motor.
If you use a relay with coils, you need a flyback diode for the coil.
I don't understand about a motor?

You may consider using a SSR (solid state relay). It has all the drivers, and diodes built in. You can run it right from an arduino output pin. Costs a little more tho.

How about one of these, assuming you have a 120VAC supply.

But you talk of both a heater (which is resistive) and a motor (which is not), so check the rating....

Just to clear up some confusion.
The heater uses a motor (with a fan attached) to blow air through it’s resistive element.

I want to avoid SSRs and the Powertails because of cost.

Don't use a flyback diode for an AC motor.