Switching between Servo library and digital out on same pin?

As above, I have a project that has a PWM signal from a receiver going into the arduino as input and has servos as outputs. Part of the time I want to have the PWM signal from the reciever just pass right through the arduino to the servos (easily done, just equate the output pin to the state of the input pin from the receiver) however when I flip a switch I want the servos to operate automatically on their own.
Both of these tasks are fine on their own ( just pass the signal through as above for manual operation and for automatic just use the Servo library) but mixing the two doesn't appear to be possible as you have to define a pin as a servo in the servo library.
Is there any obvious way around this that I should have thought of?
I could just decode the incoming receiver signal using the pulseIn function and some maths but again if there's something easier/more effective I'd rather use that.

Cheers in advance

The servo library uses 'attach' and 'detach'. You can try to 'detach' it and take control over that pin.

Do you use an interrupt for incoming pulses ? How do you pass through the receiver signal ?

Using pulsIn and some math requires careful design of the sketh for the timing. But missing a pulse would not be a big problem, it would be corrected with the next pulse.

As just a basic program I found that the arduino could keep up with the PWM timing and so I essentially just used the button example to try it out (ie when the input goes high the output goes high and vice versa) so I plugged the receiver output into the input of the arduino (the where the button would be) and plugged the servo signal wire into the output, the signal passed right through the arduino just fine.

As for attaching and detaching, will that work as I thought you had to attach in the setup loop so it would only let you do it once? Also would I be able to attach a servo to something that was already pre define as a digital out?