Switching car (12VDC) Spot lamps (100W) with Arduino

Hi Forum, I have used Arduinos for a few years although have only just joined this forum. I can see old replies to vaguely similar questions although nothing to precisely answer: would forum suggest relays or Mosfets to switch these beauties?

8-9A? MOSFET AOI510 from Digikey. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/alpha-omega-semiconductor-inc/AOI510/785-1487-1-ND/3603498 Power dissipated = I^2 * R = 9*9*.004 = 324mw, maybe a little heatsinking needed.


Yes a power NFET would be good (or one for each lamp)..

You also could use a relay board like THIS: and you would not need to mount/wire FETS..

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Thank you for your replies - interesting, useful and informative. I will be wiring the spotlights this weekend.

Another solution is to use a smart highside switch like this, so you can have short circuit protection and some diagnostic output.

Ciao, Ale.