Switching from OLED to LCD on FM transmitter.

Hi everybody. Super Noob here, with almost zero programming experience (except for R). I am trying to make an FM transmitter with my arduino uno using the recently discontinued NS73M chip from sparkfun (FM Radio Transmitter Breakout- NS73M - WRL-08482 - SparkFun Electronics). Right now I am using the code from this website (http://iamgew.com/2013/05/07/fm-transmitter/), but want to use a 16x2 LCD display instead of the OLED. Does anybody have any idea how I could modify this to use an LCD? Thanks!

It’s not just OLED to LCD.

You also have to deal with conversion of 124x64 dot matrix information which could contain graphics to strictly character mode (letters and numbers) information.

There’s also the interface to consider. There aren’t many serial SPI adapters for the parallel LCD modules.

You also have to make sure that your LCD will run on 3.3v. These are available but are not as common as the 5 v versions.

All in all this is not impossible but it is certainly not trivial.