Switching functions with button

hello everybody;
so i have this robot for a class project . i want it to run using my phone as a normal RC car but when i push the button it makes it automated and avoids obstacles?
does anybody have an idea?

So where is this robot?

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If you do not want to be ignored by the robot and the Arduino community, I would suggest you improve your communication skills. Your user name is longer than your post and you had time to upload a picture.

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Posts that provide good information tend to get a lot of help in the forum. Have a look at a few posts with lots of replies.

How would it know when to stop acting like a robot and start acting like an RC car again?

-jim lee

i was thinking to use a puchboutton like this
MODE = digitalRead(B);
if (MODE == HIGH){
if (M%2==0)
fnc1 .....
if (M%2==1)

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