Switching mains-voltage security-certified sockets with 3-5V DC-Inputt

Hello everybody,

if somebody has no formal certification about working with mains electricity the only way to do on / off switching of mains-voltage-devices is to plug such a certified plug:

into this kind of certified sockets:

Even those popular S-ON/OFF devices need to insert blank wires and tighten screws which already requires the formal electricity certification.

Hacking the RF-remote-control of such switches is one way to achieve this. But needs some extra effort.
Does anybody know of a device that is a ready to use and CE-certified socket with a 3-5V input?

best regards Stefan

In America, the module for this purpose - or at least one version - is called a "Powerswitch tail".

For the European market - I don't know. :worried:

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