Switching mode from storage to Modem on Huewei E160E Modem

I have a Huewei USB type plug in 3G modem.

I am trying to switch the storage part off (which loads up first) and the modem on. A special message has to be sent to the device which is "HueweiMode=1".

usb-switchmode handles this when Linux boots and it has a list of manufacturer ID's and Device ID's it looks up and gets the right control message but I have been unable to work out how it sends the message to the modem . The modems Internal 'sys' files are used when loaded by windows.

My application has no linux or windows . It will be run by an arduino microprocessor and I need to switch it and have it stay switched to behave as a modem .

Anybody done this or have any clues as to how it might be done ?