Switching servo to dc motor in knock lock


This is my first time writting here and I hope soemone can help!

I'm trying to use the knock lock method to achieve other goals, I want to be able to instead of controlling the servo, I want to able use/controll a dc motor or actually 2 dc motors after knocking.

My problem here is that I'm not to advanced in coding and i m afraid to burn my arduino uno kit by connecting stuff wrong!

First of all is what I want to do even possible? or is my fantasi driffting me away from reality? And if it's possible can any body help me out please? I'm not in need of the lead lights

Best reagrds


Hi, what do you mean by knock lock? We need a fuller explanation of what you are trying to do before we can give answers.

Tom...... :)


What I meant is that in arduino project book that follows with the kit there's a project called knock lock, which basiclly you can open a lock by knocking.

What I'm trying to do is with help of the knock lock project to follow the same principle and excahnge the servo motor with a dc motor (actually 2 motors).

In detail my project goes like this.

I want to build a lift just by knocking. The idea is to have coca cola in thelift so while I'm working and I feel like i want something I just knock and a coce will just come up from the table! It's a project for my studies.

What I'm planning to do is,

using the piezo sensor for the knocking, after knocking, 2 dc motors will start spinning to lift up the lift. i'm gonna use a photoresistor so that the lift stop lifting when the coke is over the "edge" (in hand reach). after taking the coce the photosesnore will get light again and those making the dc motors spinning in other direction getting the lift back in position (for refil or just for the next time u knock)

I know it's a long shot but this will be fun as hell to build.

The only problem is as I mentioned before I'm afraid to burn my arduino by connecting things wrong or by coding wrong!

So my first question is if any one have an idea of how to connect dc motor to piezo.

I hope i explained well this time! yesterday was a long night :D


Most people here have no idea what is in the Arduino book that you have (or any other Arduino book, for that matter).

What you want to achieve seems entirely possible.

Post your code so that we can see what you can see.