switching the bulb using values from the temperature sensor

I want the bulb to switch on when temperature is 25° C and switch off when it is 30° C. I intend to use the temp 33 sensor. Please help me with the code and the arrangement of components.

Your description leaves me guessing.
You say 'the bulb'. What is this?
You say 'the temp 33 sensor'. What is this?

If you have links to the technical specs for these, it will help a lot.

You want help with the code and the arrangement of the components. You are in luck! We do that all the time!

Just post your best effort at making the code do what you want and tell us if you are having problems with it.
A good place to start is usually with the sample code the sensor provider has.

Alright vincherman, lemme elaborate more and send screen shoots as well. I want the a 100 watt bulb to go on when temperature is below 25°C and go off when the temperature reaches 30°C. Below are the major components i intend to use;
arduino board
temperature sensor
100watt bulb
I'm having a serious challenge with the code. lemme attach the screenshots of my code

Good step forward! We now have a better idea of what you are trying to do.

There are a few more things.
Rather than post images of your code, it is much more helpful to post the code as text, inside of code tags.
This is covered in the sticky post named 'How to use this forum - please read' at the top of this and every forum.
Read through it. It helps us help you.

You list generic names for your components. It is much more helpful to have links to the specs. It often makes a big difference which transistor or relay you are trying to use.

For example I'm guessing you mean a 100W mains powered bulb, so probably 230V or 110V depending where you live. Or maybe not?

To make any sense of your code we're also going to need a circuit diagram showing how those components of yours are all connected together.