SX1278 LoRa wiring sanity check for radiolib library

Hi everyone, I was hoping to get a sanity check for the wiring on these LoRa modules with an arduino uno/mega for use with the Radiolib library.

I have one slightly different module that worked, however it was an odd ball, and I'm on my third one of these with a matching pinout and I get an error (-2) when trying to initialize the radio.

There are different versions of this board, and I can't find a wiring diagram that's for this module and with the loralib library, I've tried a couple different options and I'm at the point of ripping my damn hair out.

I like the size and affordability of these modules, but I've had them lying around for a while so maybe they got damaged somehow, even though they were in a case that doesn't get moved much. It seems very unlikely though.

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