symlinks no longer work (did 1.6.4, doesn't 1.6.7)

Hi, I find it easy to develop libraries using symlinks to git repos. In 1.6.4, symlinks were read correctly. Under 1.6.7, any Windows symlink (Junction points, which are redirecting folder pointers) cause the error, even for a blank sketch:

readlink C:\Users\jimgale\Documents\Arduino\libraries\vsa: The system cannot find the file specified.

(vsa would be the example symlink here pointing to another folder).

I also use symlinks extensively, to your assessment I can add:

1.6.5R2 - Worked 1.6.6 - Do not work 1.6.7 - Do not work

Anyone finding themselves here may want to read this post:

. . . as of Arduino 1.6.6 onwards directory junctions in Windows no longer work

1.6.5R2 - Last working version
1.6.6 - Does not work
1.6.7 - Does not work

I use directory junctions extensively in library management.

I use the syntax:

mklink /J

. . . to create the directory junctions

I have found that I can replace the junctions with symbolic links by replacing the /j with /d, like this:

mklink /d

. . . and this creates a work around but this is a pain as you need elevated rights to create a symbolic link whereas you only need normal rights to create a directory junction.

Does anyone know if this is known, intentional or a bug?

I’am develop library, and this error really problem!

Compile with symlink, give this error “Lstat : The system cannot find the path specified.”

In all work normal - I had migrate to their version.