sync error at programming a pro mini with PL2303HX and/or FTDI FT232RL

Hello everyone,

my cube project is going forward, now i wanted to switch the arduino uno by an pro mini.

i bought an PL2303HX Connector Cable and a FTDI FT232RL Module, downloaded the driver connected the TX to TX, RX to RX and Power and Ground (at the module the GRN for reset)

but with both i get always at windows an
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x4b
and in linux (lubuntu)
avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x00

I allready looked for google and youtube and tried the "hold the reset button X seconds", but still the same... do i miss something?

I know it's china hardware, but at work we use the same cable for programming a ESP8266 with success, there we dont need to hold a reset button or something...

At home i tried it with the pro mini and only sync problems with all 6 pro mini's i got, so i guess i can exclude the case the mini is broken, and because it work at the office, the cable can't be broken too...

Try connecting TX to RX and vice versa as that is the most common programming method between two serial devices.
It is also the most common mistake to make.
One device Transmits whilst the next device Receives
Also do not forget the ground and DTR if required.

Ah ok, thanks i thought i have to connect the TX to TX and so son... i will try this evening :slight_smile:

The DTR is for the Reset right? Because i have only 4 wires at the cable (5V, GND, TX and RX), and some youtube videos tell to hold the reset button instead.. The FTDI Breakout had an DTR, so i will try there with swtiching TX to RX too..

The 5V and GND are always connected till i switch to battery powered mode :slight_smile:
(used for testing all the minis if the blink programm is installed and runs correct)

Can i brick the mini if i connect the wrong pins? if yes i will try later with an fresh mini instead of my testing one, to be sure its not the mini

You cannot brick the Arduino with the TX and RX lines.
However you can sort of brick it if you do no select the correct board !

DO NOT try to program an 8 Mhz board at 16 Mhz or the other way around.
Doing so will result in it trying to run things at the wrong speed and baud rates being out by a factor of two.
Its a PITA getting it back to the correct baud rate and can result in also having to re-load the bootloader on occasion.

Also do NOT use the 5V with a 3.3V board.
I don't use the cable method and prefer the 232 breakout boards myself as they also have the CTR and DTR pins too which can be useful for other boards or projects.

Simply check EVERYTHING before you program