Synchronize clock with time pulse + up sample

I am in the early stages of a project and wondering if the Arduino Nano is capable of doing the following:

  • I have a GPS receiver that outputs a very precise time pulse every second
  • I would like to take the time pulse in to synchronize the arduino so that I can send timed pulses back out at >1Hz.

For example to output at 10Hz, the GPS receiver sends a pulse out at time 100.00, I would then like to send a pulse out of the arduino at 100.00, 100.10 100.20, 100.30, 100.40 .... 101.00 at which time the gps receiver would send a new pulse in, and the process repeats.

My questions are general:

  1. Can an out of the box Arduino Nano support this functionality? If not, what else would I need to buy?
  2. Any recommendations on where to start? I was looking at the analogWrite() and using a delayMicroseconds() to provide the data rate. However I am not sure how to sync the clock with the time pulse in.

You should be able to do this with a Nano.
Why would you use an analogWrite rather than just using a digital output?

There is no clock to synchronise. You would detect the incoming pulse then output your 10Hz pulses.
You could use micros() to measure any gap between the outputting of your last pulse and reading your next input.

You should check the voltage levels required for both input and output.