Synchronize Two BlueTooth Modules As Single Data Stream

I will be using two (2) JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Modules for Arduino, call them left and right BT. Each will be streaming MIDI trigger data. From my understanding the BT modules each will be recognized as musical instruments by any DAW (digital audio workstation) and the MIDI data will be read and can be routed by the user as per any MIDI musical Instrument they choose to tweak the note and channel info for to fire samples. My question/s is/are

!.Should I encounter any issues related to synchronizing the BT data streams for both left and right BT modules? (latency issues, module identification by the receiving device, creating unique identifiers for each BT module)

2.Is there a method to route both left and right BT MIDI data streams and merge them prior to sending to the DAW? (for example send the left BT data to the right BT module and have the right BT module synchronize the data streams into one stream)

3.What would be pitfalls or issues related to this two as one approach? (synchronizing timing data between two streams, latency issues, anomalous booga boogas, a better approach to this issue)