Synchronizing sound and light with heart rate

I'm making my BA thesis work in multi-media arts.
So I need to make an object where someone could put his finger in a hole and the lights (I'm thinking to use a strobe light) and sound (An easy kick-snare beat on speakers) would synchronize with his heart rate.
For the heart rate monitor I'll use infra red pulse sensor with an arduino, like here - Weekend Projects - Infrared Pulse Sensor - YouTube

What would be the best option for synchronizing data that i get from HB monitor, with the strobe light (can I do it without a dmx controller? Maybe a good strobe, with internal vibration sensor will work?) and sound (It would be great if I could hook it up with software like traktor or ableton)
Then again, it would be great if I shouldn't leave my laptop in the exhibition for a month. Is there a way to do that?