Synchronous MCP4725 Output

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to output to two of the DAC’s separeately. I based my code off of the Adafruit library and have the pins wired correctly as they work individually. My main question is basically when outputting to two DAC’s separately but synchronously would this be the correct code for that? Or would I just do setVoltage from the library in two separate calls. Heres the two examples I have:

Double Wire.begin()

    Wire.write(rightVoltage / 16);                   // Upper data bits          (D11.D10.D9.D8.D7.D6.D5.D4)
    Wire.write((rightVoltage % 16) << 4);
    Wire.write(leftVoltage / 16);                   // Upper data bits          (D11.D10.D9.D8.D7.D6.D5.D4)
    Wire.write((lefttVoltage % 16) << 4);
		digitalWrite(13, LOW);


Double .setVoltage


They are not synchronous devices. There will be a delay between one and the other's outputs changing, however slight. If you want true synchronous outputs, look for a double buffered DAC with an LDAC line.