Syncing Arduino with Calendar

Hey people.

So I am working on a "greeting system" using an Arduino. I have a PIR module attached to the Arduino. When it detects motion, an LED lights up. This is just a basic draft. Ultimately, I want a trigger sent to a speaker, which will play a greeting on detecting motion.

This system will be set up right outside a meeting room. The system will be used only when there is a meeting scheduled.

What I want to know is, if there is a way that I can I sync an Outlook Calendar to the Arduino, which will determine when the greeting system will be active. In a nutshell, the greeting system should be active only for 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.

I have an Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega and an ESP2866 module. Any input is appreciated :slight_smile:

Keep the 3 on your shelf and get a raspberrypi 2/3/4

I have an Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega and an ESP2866 module.

I assume the esp module is an esp-01? Forget that and the Uno & Mega. Get a better esp such as a Wemos mini. Also get a DFplayer mini module. This can accept your greeting messages on a micro-SD card in MP3 format and can drive a small speaker itself without an additional amplifier.

As for syncing with Outlook, I have no idea, sorry. If there was a web page or other file showing the booking times, the esp could open that and read it to get the data.

get a raspberrypi 2/3/4

Or a Zero W and a speakerPHAT.

If your calendar can easily export a JSON formatted file (easiest would be if you could request that from a specific URL) it becomes quite doable.

Indeed an ESP8266 board comes in useful; assuming you do have WiFi where you're going to install it.

Download the JSON formatted calender data every hour or so (frequently enough to stay up to date); parse that (the ArduinoJSON library works well on an ESP); get the current time over NTP; and indeed a DF Player with speaker for playing the welcome message.

Even the ESP01 should be able to do this: it has two GPIO plus the Serial pins available; that's all you need.