Syncronising variables between Processing server and Wifi Shield Client

HI all

I am trying to learn how to syncronise 2 sets of variables between a Processing server and an Arduino UNO with an Arduino Wifi Shield.
I have read much into it and explored many examples to learn how to this and so far I am stumped!
I first started to explore doing this through UDP by wrongly assuming the ethernet shield examples would be similar to the wifishield ones, only to learn the wifishield does not support UDP.

Should this be possible by using a tcpserver in Processing and the Wifi client library on the arduino?

Should I then be able to simply read and write the variables across in this way or can I only do this by using a pachube/cosm account OR http commands referencing a .csv file?

There is 4 or 5 variables to be sent from the server to the client, and the client needs to respond with 2 variables. I would idealy like the refresh rate of the variables to be as quick as possible with a maximum of 1 second. I get the feeling using pachube could be slower than this.

Apologies for any misunderstandings here, this is either more complex than I am expecting or I am making life hard for myself!