syntax for time_t for ExplicitAlarm

Hi! is my syntax for time_t for Oct. 10. 2017 22:01:00 correct?

  // create the alarms, to trigger at specific times
  Alarm.alarmRepeat(7,0,0, MorningAlarm);  // 8:30am every day
  Alarm.alarmRepeat(22,0,0,EveningAlarm);  // 5:45pm every day
  Alarm.alarmRepeat(dowWednesday,20,30,0,WeeklyAlarm);  // 18:30:00 every Saturday
  Alarm.alarmOnce(0,1,22,10,10,17,ExplicitAlarm);  // time_t for Oct. 10. 2017 22:01:00/code]

No. A time_t is an unsigned long, and is a single value.

You should read the readme.txt file that comes with the TimeAlarms library.

The Readme.txt says at

If you want to trigger once at a specified date and time you can use the trigger Once() method:
Alarm. triggerOnce(time_t value, explicitAlarm); // value specifies a date and time
(See the makeTime() method in the Time library to convert dates and times into time_t)

Here's what I found via Time Library, Timekeeping and Time/Date Manipulation on Teensy

Convert normal date & time to a time_t number. The time_t number is returned. The tm input is a TimeElements variable type, which has these fields:
tm.Second Seconds 0 to 59
tm.Minute Minutes 0 to 59
tm.Hour Hours 0 to 23
tm.Wday Week Day 0 to 6 (not needed for mktime)
tm.Day Day 1 to 31
tm.Month Month 1 to 12

So what then is the correct syntax?

So what then is the correct syntax?

You need to create an instance of the TimeElements struct, and populate the members of the struct instance.

Then, pass the struct instance to makeTime(), which will return a value, of type time_t, which can be passed to Alarm.TriggerOnce() or any other method of the TimeAlarms class that takes a time_t value.

Sorry, I'm totally not familiar with such technical language, I'm just a newbie to arduino.
Would you mind if I ask for sample arduino code using this that I will have a general template?

Okey, kindly correct my code.
Pls. help me.

All I need is to alarm once on Oct 11, 2017 23:53

What figure should I write here

Alarm.alarmOnce(XXXXXXXXXX, ExplicitAlarm);

Putting 2017,23,53,0,0,0 resulted to "no matching function for call to 'TimeAlarmsClass::alarmOnce(int, int, int, int, int, int, void (&)())'error

Putting time_t s_tm also resulted to "expected primary expression before token “,” error
Putting time_t also resulted to "expected primary expression before token “,” error

My code is:

#include <TimeLib.h>
#include <TimeAlarms.h>
#include <Time.h>

time_t tmConvert_t(int YYYY, byte MM, byte DD, byte hh, byte mm, byte ss)
  tmElements_t tmSet;
  tmSet.Year = YYYY - 1970;
  tmSet.Month = MM;
  tmSet.Day = DD;
  tmSet.Hour = hh;
  tmSet.Minute = mm;
  tmSet.Second = ss;
  return makeTime(tmSet); 

Time  t;
AlarmId id;

int Hor;
int Min;
int Sec;
void setup() 
 Serial.begin (9600);

 time_t s_tm = tmConvert_t(2017,23,53,0,0,0);
 Serial.println((unsigned long) s_tm);

void loop() {
  Hor = t.hour;
  Min = t.min;
  Min = t.min;

 // create the alarms, to trigger at specific times
 // create timers, to trigger relative to when they're created

 Alarm.alarmOnce(XXXXXXXXXX, ExplicitAlarm); 

void ExplicitAlarm() {
  Serial.println("Alarm: - this triggers only at the given date and time");