Synth demo and request for help

First the demo, then the request for help -

Five dollar synth - this is the current synth engine in action driven by a five dollar kids keyboard

See it through to the end for the super smooth sounding 16Khz sine waves -

Can anyone with a musical ear come up with some arpeggios for a standalone version of the five dollar synth - the video is a clear demonstration that the musical side is not my strong point.

I Know that more people would build the project if it was standalone without having to hack a keyboard - my idea is to have a simplified version using four or five potentiometers to select from a range of arpeggios, the arpeggio playback rate, pitch and waveform - four pots and a big sound - (the fifth pot can be saved for a modulation function).

The current features of the project are -

16Mhz Sample rate, arpeggio record and play back, adjustable arpeggio rate, built in echo/delay, four waveforms, seven octave transpose.

So if you have any musical ideas and want to contribute to what should be a fast to build noisy little project, fire away - midi note numbers can be plugged straight in to the code.

Background on the keyboard side of things -

As always, if you want the source code, PM Me.

Duane B

Now with grain synthesis, so if you have ever wanted something that sounds like an Auduino but with keyboard control, click on -

Keyboard side of things needs a tidy up, but the synth engine is working out to be very flexible. I still have one spare oscillator which I will use to sweep one of the grain oscillators.

The clip is basically an update of this engine running on the five dollar keyboard -

The next step is to build a virtual modular interface allowing the user to configure the oscillators through a digital patch panel.

If you interested in building your own see the links, for the latest code PM Me for a zip

Build your own link

Duane B