syren packetized serial problem

I am trying to use the synren 25 motor controller with an arduino uno. I tried to use the saber tooth library and packetized serial communication but I am having problems getting it to work. I got it to work a couple of times but not consistently. I also have a sabertooth 2x12 and it works great with packetized serial and the arduino. I tried the syren with address 128 and 129 with no result. The sketches I used were from the samples from dimension engineering.

Has anyone got that library to work? Does anyone have code I can use to test my syren with packtized serial?

I will answer this myself in case someone has the same issue. Dimension Engineering the makers of the syren was able to help me. For some reason my syren will not accept the 9600 baud default for packetized serial communication. It works for me at 2400 baud. There may be noise issues but I am using a very short wire and the sabertooth I have works fine at 9600.

I wanted to have both the syren and the sabertooth work on the shared serial line and this was not possible initially since one worked at 2400 baud and the other at 9600. Dimension Engineering was kind enough to upgrade both units to the latest firmware at no cost so I could run them both at 9600. It's nice to see great support from this company or any company these days.