SZYTF programmer

I have bought this "ESP 12F ESP 07S ESP 12S burning fixture development board ESP8266 without ESP 12F ESP 07S ESP 12S module|development board|esp8266 development boardesp8266 esp-12 - AliExpress" recently and I am trying to flash ESP8266-12 module with this, until now no luck just error :-

does anyone have any ideas, I appreciate any assistance.

Best Regards

It looks nice, but the seller sure doesn't give much documentation. Although it shouldn't be necessary, It's possible that there's some combination of the PROG and/or RST buttons that need to be made to do an upload.

Well Hurrah !!! I found the source :-

Nice work! At least someone bothered to provide some documentation. It looks like it might indeed require a combination of pressing the RST and PROG buttons.