T6963C display interfacing!

Hello I want to use T6963C 240X128 display, for my one product! I want to perform following operations on this display

  • dispay some waveform
  • display keyboard entries on regular interval

and it would be best if i could print some data or part of screen without reprinting all screen, and I want to do many other opperation behind so it should have that space! so which lib would be perfect for me? I used Ug8 its nice library but it is complicated for me as it is becoming difficult for me to interface other code with it! I also tried T6963 _C library but dont no as it is not compiling in my IDE may be because it is using old commands or something!Is any other library is available? can any one could guide me how to use these libraries? So now I am sucked! Please help any suggestion could be a great help in my project!


Or tell me if there is any best big size display like 240X28 or bigger in cheap with good library support in which I can edit data or only word without reconstructing entire screen? Please I need help early!

I had never heard of a T6963D so I asked Google.

She did not know either.

However there is a T6963C controller that has been around for years.

If you say what you want to do, I am sure that the existing proven libraries will work fine.
And if there is something you do not understand, just ask.


Sorry that was T6963C only! HEREis the link where I already posted where I am stuck if you could help over that thread it could be nice! Also if there is any other library other than U8G could be helpfull too! I tried with old lib but it is not supporting to new IDE so if any one know how to run it or where is that lib compatible for new IDE could be helpful too!