Table for a large amount of data (Lookup) - Orrery Project

Finalizing my Orrery (Heliocentric planetary model).
The end goal is to have a user input a date and month, the Orrery will rotate to the angle the respective planet will be at that date. Project is complete using a Due, no I dont want to change to use a Pi.

End goal:
There is a great NASA website that will output the precise angle that each planet will be (orbital mechanics calculations are pretty big to calculate with an Arduino, well at least for me to program).

I want to export the position for each planet position onto a table (1965 until 2020 = 660 entries x 8 planets = 5,280 entries :o )

With an excel sheet this is fairly easy, create a simple lookup table.

Every web search I try comes back with people trying to interpolate temp sensors. This is obviously NOT what I am after, and entering the 660 entry for each planet is not a task I want to perform.

Some type of SD card lookup from an excel table?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Can you write a small sketch to accept a CSV file transmitted from your PC and burn the contents into an EEPROM?

How many bytes are involved in each "entry"? This will give you a better idea of your storage requirements.