Table with data, I'm not finding what I need


I am planning to make an RC remote, like 3957239472 other people on YouTube have done. Easy. But I want more. I want to make a menu with settings to scroll through and save to EEPROM. And I don't know if that is possible, or what terminology to google for. I seem to come back to look up table. The idea is to have a lot of lines with data, in which some can be changed as settings. Like this:

Funtion and characteristic; current value; max value; min value;
Throttle lower end point; -100%; -120%; -80%
Throttle upper end point; 100%; 120%; 80%
Elevator lower end point; -100%; -120%; -80%
Elevator center point; 0; -20; 20
Elevator upper end point; 100%; 120%; 80%
Rudder lower end point; -100%; -120%; -80%
Rudder center point; 0; -20; 20
Rudder upper end point; 100%; 120%; 80%

What I would like is to use such a button-cluser:

Push center long to activate programm mode, push up or down to choose the line, push left or right to change value, push centre again to store to eeprom, push centre long again to exit programm mode. Something like that.

I can program this in a lot of lines of code, but is there a way to write this in one set of lines, that looks at the 'table'?



if you make a library that abstracts your button then you could indeed make it super easy to use, but someone does have to write the library :slight_smile:

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