Tabs: error traces back to wrong line?

I have a syntax error in a multi-tab sketch-- just a typo somewhere-- and I'm getting frustrated trying to trace it down. The traceback message refers to a function and mentions a semicolon error, but it doesn't show the right line. My keyboard can get wonky, so I'm sure it's just a bad character somewhere.

The real issue is that when using tabs, the IDE doesn't take me to the offending line when it reports an error on compile. It's usually a tab off, showing a line with no problem...Sad This hasn't changed moving from Arduino 11 to 12 to 15 to 16.

The only workaround I've found is to concatenate all the tabs into one pde, which is a bit of a pain with over a dozen tabs, and I'd throw it away anyway after finding the error since tabs make everything else easier.

Is this a known issue? Any clues would be most appreciated!

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The debugging ‘features’ of the Arduino IDE are atrocious to say the least. Hence a lot of people use other IDE’s instead of the standard one. I think I am going to give Eclipse a try myself.

The code for this is being reworked in Arduino 0017 and I think / hope the results will be better.

It would be nice to see the IDE progress into something better.