tabs on the IDE, how to enhance them

I really like the tabs on the IDE! for bigger projects i use the first tab for setup, the second for the loop and so on... The problem is that i work on a 27" monitor but usually on the field i edit my projects on a 13" monitor (with way lower resolution) so the problem is that the tabs will exit the right of the IDE and cycling via keys is trough them is not good, you loose the eye on all of them and the speed of selecting it with the mouse/trackpad.

To me the solution is to be able to have it arranged automatically on multiple rows (depending on the window width) and the ability to re arrange them, since having it in alphabetical order is not good (i usually call it like a letter and then the function name to keep it in order, like b_loop c_loaddata d_enterdata and so on...)


This is already on the cards, but probably will not be looked at for a while (more critical development happening):

Here's another: However, I don't see the feature request of being able to rearrange the tab order in any of these issues. I think that would be a very useful feature. I also have to use the workaround of naming each file in a way that results in my desired tab order.

I really subscribe the request in the first post. When the number of files increases it becomes quite hard to jump across files using the tabs. This problem is quite annoying when developing Cpp code (one tab is used for the header and another one for the code, so the space is consumed rapidly :( ).

An idea for a [u]temporary[/u] solution: why not arrange tabs vertically instead? (This could be an option in the preferences file)

Vertical tabs would take some getting used to but does fit today's wide screen better.

Until the core team is available to design a better alternative, I ended up experimenting with a project outline view 4083

My experience so far is ok, and I found out since then that it seems to be the direction Arduino Create will also take.