Tacometer (counter of revolutions) for DC motor


Hello everybody,
This is my first message in this forum, I’ve been searching about this topic before writing, but I haven’t found the info/sketch I need.
I will explain my problem:

My aim is to build a tacometer in order to count the revolutions of any DC motor, with my Arduino UNO.

I have bought 2 different accesories for my Arduino UNO (photo attached):

  • two little accesories (I have both models, blue one with 4 connectors and black one with 3connectors)
  • LCD display, for watching the output data (16x2 HD44780)

But I haven’t found the neccesary sketch, which working through the LCD, shows the amount of revolutions of the DC motor in the LcD display.

It would be great if anybody could help me, or even make the sketch for me.
I think we could make a deal or similar

Did you buy the encoder wheel that goes with those sensors? Encoder Wheel

No, I didn´t buy any "encoder" I thought that adding a "little rotating piece" to the motor would be enough

The real problem is to get the appropiate sketch for arduino

any tip, dudes?

Thanks in advance

Have you been able to read the sensor data to the serial monitor on your computer? Serial would be the best step towards reading to the LCD display.