Tag game contact detection

I'm interested in putting together an electronic game version of "tag", IE one that actually registers who's been tagged and who hasn't etc and I'm trying to come up with ideas on how to do the contact detection part well and cheaply; ie if you touch someone else with your hand they've been tagged.

My main idea at the moment would be to use RFID; IE have RFID readers mounted in players gloves and have all players wear say a hoodie covered in RFID tags.

Now obviously there's a few issues.... 1) There is a risk of players accidentally tagging themselves what with their own hands being close to themselves.

2) I'm not sure how cheap it would be to cover an entire hoodie in tags or if there would be a better way to do it, maybe threading copper wire round the garment to make the whole thing one giant RFID tag.

3) There's also the risk of accidentally picking up the wrong persons tag id if too many people are too close.

I'm kinda just seeing what other people think might be a good way of getting around this problem or if there are any better ideas for how to make this work so if you have them do shout.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions All the best Oddy

what about a large capacitive switch and led´s on the front and back and/or on the arms of the hoody?
Just a switch to turn on the led´s…