Tagtool not recognizing Arduino Uno. (Tagtool controls not present)

Im trying for few days to fix one issue that’s driving me nuts. As for start, i’ve searched alot of other forums to find a solution for this issue, and none of them were helpful.
First no need to point me to arduino/DIY/tagtool addresses. Seems like nowadays they favor only iPad and issues related to that device. Then many forums show solutions for other Arduino devices, but not Arduino Uno.
I’ve done this:
-Installed Arduino software. Opened/loaded tagtool01.pde file, aswell as changed it’s script since i couldn’t upload it automatically, kept getting ,BYTE, keyword errors, so had to delete BYTE words in script aswell as to change
serial.print into serial.write

I did all that stuff, and then i could upload my arduino uno. It said upload done, the orange light blinked and everything worked just fine. Then came the nightmare. I’ve opened Nodekit/Tagtool and under tagtool controls (that refers to my arduino uno mini controler with 6 sliders) i see ,not present,.

I need help urgently, i’ve got to manage some workshops and i need tagtool for it badly. I think it’s more software than hardware issue.
I’ve put some script images into attachment so you can check how does it look like now.
E-mail me with solution pls, if any1 has any to offer.
Thank you

I’ve attached tagtool01.ino file aswell as 2 more screenshots of how does it look when i start tagtool nodekit.
I need to say, that when i start tagtool it seems like it recognizes Arduino in port that has been given to it (COM2) but doesn’t show that message in the node. It’s still ,tagtool controler not present,.

tagtool01.ino (2.97 KB)