Take A Photo With Gopro WIthout WIFI

Hey guys, do you guys know of a way to take a photo with a gopro hero 5 black without WiFi. Is it possible to use the usb c port and hook it up to the aurdino for control? Thanks for your help much appreciated!

Which gopro do You have in mind? Read its specifiactions and look for some kind of remote control.
Search for a camera having remote control.

I would do Wifi Control for my hero 5 black, however it seems if i want to use it for a different purpose I would have to change the code to use another PIN because the gopro's pin expires every so often. So if there is a direct wire method that seems better.

Some of the older GoPro devices had an expansion connector for connecting an additional battery pack and/or display, which from memory also had a couple of pins you could use to start/stop recording.

I had a quick look at the Hero 5 and couldn't see anything like that.

Yeah thats what i saw on the hero 4, The only thing I can think of is a servo directly pushing on the button that takes a photo but that seems super janky lol.

You wrote that Your gopro was without Wifi....
Cameras using Wifi are, as I understand, capable of transfering pictures via Wifi. I've not haerd of any remote triggering.
One stoneedge method could be using some kind of wireless and a servo pressing the camera button to take a picture.