Take values via wifi

Hi There!! I'm a new one in arduino things. I direct a performance and for that purpose I would like to have some hidden sensors on stage e.x Photocell and a HC-Sr04. I want to take values from these sensors to my laptop via wifi. Please give me some advises regarding hardware and code.

Thank you in advance


I'm sorry I can't solve your problem. I need the same as you, I recently bought a ESP8266 wifi module thinking that its for this purpose but I cant find the code for sending data from the Arduino to PC via Wifi...

Anyone can help?

I made a webinterface that lets you send settings to, and get data from, an Arduino over WiFi. The interface page is served by the Arduino itself, and then connects to a websocket on the Arduino to exchange data.

See GitHub - ocrdu/arduino-webinterface-websocket: Example web interface for the Arduino Nano 33 IoT using a websocket

Maybe the code is of some use to you.

It is not always up, but you can have a look at the thing at work at http://home.den-uijl.nl:81/

thank you very much for your replies !!! :slight_smile:

There are many different ways to transfer data over WiFi to a PC so the problem is choosing one method. If you use Processing, PD, or Max/MSP on the PC, my preference for simple data transfer is Open Sound Control (OSC).

There is an Arduino library for OSC. The examples directory has 3 examples for the ESP8266. The Applications directory has examples for Processing, PD, and Max/MSP.