Taking a moment to say THANKS...

Having read a couple posts from one of the idiots that sometimes like to make their presence known on forums such as this,I would like to thank the moderators and other knowledgeable folks that rattle around the Arduino forum. For the most part you have been more than helpful, and in the couple of times where it didn't help, no harm was done. All in all I would say you are doing great, especially considerring that the amount i have invested with you all (2 Arduino boards, most stuff is made from scratch..)

Arduino is a product that is easy to use (well, as easy as it is to use C...) and really rather tolerant of abuse and really adaptable to many applications that I am sure were never imagined when it all began.

SO to all of you Moderators, general gurus and others out there who are willing to share your experience and knowledge, THANKS

You are welcome from all of us.

You are welcome from all of us.


As one who both contributes to and benefits from this place, I second all of the above.

Yep, it's a fun playhouse to belong to.


Moderators rarely get thanked for all that they do, so I wish to pile on with another Thank You.

Thanks for your comments. In general, people post when they have a problem, not when they are pleased, so it is refreshing to read a post like this.

Thanks for everything...