Taking my deign to production. creating pcbs

Hi everyone.

I recently prototyped a design where a optical encoder controls a stepper motor. I am using a arduino promini and a EasyDriver V4.4 with a few lines of code. I am at the point where I am looking to put my product into production, producing 50-100 units.

With my limited knowledge I am finding it hard to design a single pcb with both arduino and the easy driver combined. I have the eagle files for both boards which I have attempted to connect together in eagle. For my design it is essential that I save as much space as possible, so getting the board as small as can be is key.The problem I am having is that I am not confident in what I can/can't remove and making silly mistakes because I'm new to electrics and pcb design.

Does anyone have any advice about how I should proceed? Is there a company or persons that could do this for me?

I really appreciate the help and would love to hear anyones thoughts.



Have you combined the schematics? That's the first step.

Is there a company or persons that could do this for me?

Yes, there are a few people here who do contract design work, myself included.