Taking time from SIM900,not date,only time

Hi guys,can anyone help me with SIM900 as RTC,command for SIM900 to display time is: AT+CCLK? and it returns: +CCLK: "17/05/13,21:22:22+08" So,I would like my arduino to look only at 21:22,what is hours and minutes,not date and other things.How can this be done?

Sounds more like a programming question.

What do you suggest to do? Ask same question in other forum?

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For character arrays (not String with capital S), you can use strchr() as in the demonstration code below.

char reply[] = "+CCLK: \"17/05/13,21:22:22+08\"";
char *ptrTime;
// find comma
ptrTime = strchr(reply, ',');
if(ptrTime == NULL)
  // not found
  // increment pointer to point to time
  // replace '+' by nul terminator
  ptrTime[8] = '\0':

Not compiled, not tested.