Talk to a USB Memory Stick

Has anybody ever tried to talk to an USB Memory stick? I would be thankful for all hints to web sites that explain the protocol used by those devices.


Ok, looking at the schematic of the board I have realized that it may only support serial line communication over USB. Also there may be the host controller missing (usually the PC acts as the controller). So I wonder if the Arduino can take this role. Or is it only possible to talk to a PC.

So it looks like there is no way to use a memory stick.

Any ideas how I coud extend the memory of the device? I would want to use it to read a probe and store the results.


you could use cf or mmc, i think there is a script in avrlib, look there!

You can also use serial communication with other devices on pins 0 and 1 of the Arduino board (these are shared with the USB line to the computer, so you can only talk to one or the other). Also, there's code for doing serial communication in software on any pins, see: