talk to a windows pc

This should be simple,

but I don't know what words to search for.

So have an Arduino chatting away over USB. lots of stuff in the terminal window of the IDE.
can send and receive text.

did I read some where about an 'easy' way to use a pc to display graphics , driven by the data received.

What I'm wondering is to have something like a few clock type displays , both digital and analog.

You should try processing... I made a radar screen by using the Arduino to transmit the sensor position and distance over the serial port to processing which interpreted it into a visual radar screen. It's pretty cool looking.. Let me know if you need any more info/help :slight_smile:


thank you

I'll look up processing

Processing: Start here: Arduino Playground - HomePage

thanks guys

processing is just what the cook ordered,

new it had to be easy, once I knew what to ask !!

great work.