Talk to Adobe Flash

Hello All,

I am currently working on a project to control a stepper motor and other various outputs such as LED lights and simple electric solenoid valves.

I am looking for simple recipe control from an adobe flash app I am working on creating.

The recipe would write 10 different integer values that would be sent over from my adobe applications and written upon pressing the "Load Recipe" button on the application.

I have been hunting around the past week or two and am have troubles figuring out how to pass actual variables. I have found tutorials on how to change/monitor actual Pin conditions on the arduino and have successfully got these to work but am not sure how to pass actual variable information.

I am currently using serial connection which is fine for control for now but in the future i have a wifi shield i would want to incorporate.

Any thoughts on passing this information?!

Thanks guys!

New note. I am going to look to send a packet via wifi from Adobe flash using either TCP or UDP. If anyone has any references on where to learn about sending packets using Adobe to an address or general packet extraction information that would be greatly appreciated!

For now I am looking to pass only a string, more in the future.