Talkie library + ATtiny85 = will it work?


Hello everyone and thanks for your trouble,

I was wondering if the ATtiny85 (in case you don't know what that is, it is basically an AVR small micro controller that is programmable with Arduino code. info: is available for purchase - was compatible with the Talkie library (link). It says on 'Future plans' that he wants to 'improve compatibility with other Arduinos and AVR devices'. Does that mean that the ATtiny will NOT work, or does it mean there are some minor bugs and stuff?

Any help will be appreciated!

Quote from the Readme

ote that currently, Talkie only on 168 or 328 based Arduinos at 16MHz only.

With a small tweak I've got it running on Teensy/Teensy++

--- bill

@mrburnette: So...... will it work or not?

@mrburnette: So...... will it work or not?

Teensy is not based on ATtiny uC.
The author of the library said it would not work, I quoted them. Other than what the author stated, IHNFC.

I suspect that that if the author knows of a way to make the code work with other AVR microcontrollers that he has some insight into changes that need to be made, but whether those changes will support the ATtiny85 simply is not known (to me)...
Maybe you could simply "follow" Peter, I'm sure he will post a status message as the lib evolves:
Peter Knight, Cambridge, UK: going-digital (Going Digital (Peter Knight)) ยท GitHub

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I can say that it doesn't compile because the internal regiters on the Tiny's are different.
I didn't look how close the timer and PWM timers work to the mega but that is the issue.
Just run a build for the tiny85 and you will see all the errors that you must resolve.
More than likely yes, it could be made to work since it only relies on PWM and a timer,
however with only 8k, you will be limited on how much code and or speech you
can get into it.

--- bill

atmega328 got a 16bit timer, but attiny85 doesn't.
and the Talkie is using that 16bit timer (timer1).

I think attiny85 won't work.