Talkie Libraty Clashing with Buzzer & How to add new Words

Hi All,
I’m very new to this forum & a complete learner of Arduino. I’m a project manager of Construction work & my work no where related to electronics. It’s my hobby & I really need help of you people.

As of now I did, Charlieplexed 4x4x4 RGD LED Cube, Nodemcu Motor Boat, Nodemcu RGB Light & Arduino Distance Sensor, etc.

My Current Project is to Build a Smart Blind stick with Arduino Nano + Ultrasonic Sensor, Water Sensor, Flame Sensor.

Initially I planned to put SD Module for Voice Alert but when I heard of Talkie.h lib, I switched to is to reduce cost.

Now I’m facing three Problem with Talkie Library :

1> I’m unable to generate “WATER” Alert as it’s no where in the word list. Please help me how to add that.

2> I’ve tried to Add a Buzzer along with Voice alert but, once Buzzer runs, Voice alert stops for ever. So currently I disabled the Buzzer. Please help me how to solve this.

[some Details : 1st time it detects defined distance it generates Voice Alert then Buzzer. From next time detection no Voice alert only a pause then Buzzer, even can hear the Buzzer sound on the Headphone.]

3> When there’s no voice alert there’s a continuous Tik, tik tik tik sound in the Headphone. Please help to remove that noise.

Code Attached, Thanks in advance…


The Talkie library uses Timer1 and Timer2 and cannot share them with other functions. With some clever programming, you may be able to get around this by compartmentalizing the tasks (i.e. speech versus buzzer) and re-initializing each library as needed.

It is not straightforward to add words, but there are several speech ROM libraries available and you may find the words you need in one of them. Check the examples directory of the library.

How to add words is discussed in the issues section of the Talkie Github respository. There are several options, but be sure to read all the way to the end of that thread, where someone offers the BlueWizard encoder.

Hi there, just a shameless plug: To create bitstreams you can either use BlueWizard ( or my command line port Python Wizard ( They both import wave files and give you Talkie compatible bitstreams.