Talking bronze cast

Hi there!

I’m a total newb to the community and started working my way through various tutorials this week. Since I have no further experience in programming I guess it’s going to take some time. I’d still love to get some advice on how to approach my project.
I’m an art student and for the last months I worked on a hollow bronze cast head, which I’d like to get to talk as soon as it is touched by a human. With what I researched so far I guess I can use the KY-036 metal touch sensor to create some „if touched play audiofile“ sketch. The more complicated part is that I want it to trigger different phrases from a playlist in a random order. Which audio hardware parts would you advise me to buy (speaker, soundboard)? Speaker should be installed inside the head, right behind the mouth. Are there any tutorials that might help? What''s your experience with touch sensors … do they work reliable? Which libraries do I need to include? Thanks a lot for your help!!

s n i r t

Touch sensors can be tricky and depend on the details of the environment, for example electrical noise from nearby wiring and lighting can make them unreliable, especially if the electronics in the casting are powered from a wall plug. You will just have to experiment.

There are several modules available for Arduino that play sound files. Google "arduino play sound files" (for example) for ideas about devices and project examples.

Get each small piece of the project working perfectly before trying to put everything together, and have fun!