Talking notebook

Hi everyone, I recently started playing around with Arduino and just got this idea. I would like to check with you to see if this is possible. I want to make a talking notebook.

I like sketching notes for lectures or talks, but sometimes I forget the details of the content. (this is just an example of one Sketchnote online:About Sketchnote Love – Sketchnote Love | Sketch notes, Sketchnotes, Creative mind map )

My idea is, for example, there are 4 major parts of the notes. When I press each part, it will playback the talk specifically about this part. I am thinking to use a capacitive sensor as the trigger. But I am not sure how exactly Arduino is going to recognize that this is the part I ask it to play. I am thinking about using the time stamp but I just don't know how it is going to work.

Do I need to use conductive ink? Shall I make a box and put the notebook above it?

I am making it as a proof of concept. I am not sure how long an audio Arduino can record so if I can demonstrate it with just a few messages. That is good too.

Thank you very much!

Four capacitive sensors, easy to tell which one it is.

One DF Player Mini, Arduino can just tell which mp3/wav/ogg/whatever it has to play based on which sensor is touched. Length of your recordings is only limited by the size of the microSD card you use to store the files on.

Easy peasy.

Take a look at Holtek audio semiconductors, they make a lot of chips that should do what you want.