Talking telemetry system for model aircrafts

Hello everyone, this is my very first post. My name is Wolfgang. I am a model aircraft pilot and I am a newbie in the Arduino universe. I bought my first Arduino Uno a few days ago after discussing with a local user group at the Lift Conference in Geneva ( I have a technical background, I programmed Z80 / 68000/ 8086 microprocessor sytems (long time ago) during university and wrote C code for CNC machines in my first jobs - so it was not hard for me to get the first Ardunio demos up and running.

My plan is to port my "Bitching Betty Plus" system ( - sorry it is in German) from Windows to the Arduino platform (BTW: "Bitching Betty" is the nickname of the voice warning system of the F16 Fighting Falcon Jet)

I implemented that idea using these components:

  • Unilog Data Logger - to collect the date from the aircraft
  • F2M03GXA-S01 Class 1 Bluetooth Module from Free2Move to transmit the data to the ground
  • A Laptop running a Python script using a text to speech software module
  • A BT headset to transmit the voice output from the Laptop to me

I have several questions for the Arduino gurus: First question: The Datalogger is running at a Baudrate of 115200 Bit/sec (8Bit/no parity/no flow control) . The protocol is very simple: you ask for the current dataset - you will get a 24 Bit answer. Usually you ask for a dataset every 0.5 or 1 second, but you can not change the 115kBit/s transfer rate . What is the recommended method to handle this communication speed? Hardware UART ? New Software Serial ?

Second question: What is the recommended method to connect the 3.3V Bluetooth Module to the 5V Arduiono Uno ?

Third question: What is the recommended method for voice output ? Sparkfun's VoiceBox, MP3 Player with prerecorded voice ?

Many thanks for you help in advance!!!

best regards, Wolfgang