talking to HT1632C chips??


just before i get to the nitty gritty, just as an explanation of why, a little while ago i bought a LED matrix off ebay, with the driver board, thinking it would work alright with the bi-color matrix i got, at first when i hooked it upto the driver board i thought all was well and it would run fine, till i found out that the driver board is not equipped to handle this bi-color matrix so it made it bubcus, and the seller refused to help or comment about it.

so it had been sitting in my drawer for a while till i had a thought "i wonder if i can control it with my arduino", so i have come here to ask for advice before proceeding.

the board has Four HT1632C chips on it, and what looks to be Two 74HC1640's, ive included a picture, the larger square chips are the HT1632C's, and the 2 small ones are the 74HC1640's (if my eyes serve me correctly):

the current Pin markings are as follows:
1: CS
2: CLK
3: NC
4: NC
5: WR
6: NC
8: GND (will this be needed if using a separate power source?)
9: NC
10: NC
11, 13, 15: GND (or this?)
12, 14, 16: +5v (or this?)

i have 2 arduinos, a mega 2560 and a UNO, im guessing either one of these will be fine, im not quite sure how to proceed with getting the arduino to pump data/commands into the board to display something like, scrolling text, or a clock ect, nor am i sure of which pin's from the display board to plug into what on the arduino as i am not familiar with the HT1632C's, any help or guidance, or even some more light shed on this would be great and will be many 1000's of thank you's.


Well, you happen to be in luck!

These are sold by dangerous prototypes and adafruit. So plenty of information on controlling them from the Arduino.

Well, you happen to be in luck!

GitHub - wildstray/ht1632c: HT1632C dotmatrix display library for Arduino (and AVR/ARM/PIC clones)

These are sold by dangerous prototypes and adafruit. So plenty of information on controlling them from the Arduino.

thanks for the link, very helpful, do you have any idea how they might have hooked the pins up from the display board to the arduino? thats the only thing i cannot seem to find at the moment.

Looking at the library, this is the constructor:

ht1632c::ht1632c(volatile uint8_t *port, const uint8_t data, const uint8_t wr, const uint8_t clk, const uint8_t cs, const uint8_t geometry, const uint8_t number)

So looking at the example, they are declaring it like this (line 10 in demo.pde):

ht1632c dotmatrix = ht1632c(&PORTD, 7, 6, 4, 5, GEOM_32x16, 2);

So they are wiring data to pin 7, WR to 6, CLK to 5, and CS to 4 (these are all on PORTD)

5V and GND would go to your power supply, but you should also connect the GND to the GND on your Arduino.