Talking to the cloud error

I have been working on the example from the book “Getting Started With Arduino” Chapter 6 Talking to the cloud. I get a error on the processing code "ERROR: Server returned HTTP code: 403 for URL: I get readings form the light sensor but nothing but zeros from the web site Arduino Networked Lamp. Can someone please give me a starting point to fix this. Thank You in advance.

HTML Error 403: Forbidden The request was a valid request, but the server is refusing to respond to it. Unlike a 401 Unauthorized response, authenticating will make no difference.

When I try to access in a browser I end up at

should I change the web address? Do you have a solution to this problem? Thanks for the response.

You certainly can't use the URL you were attempting to use. What did you expect to find at that address?

I was just following the example in the book " Getting started with Arduino" They supply the code and I try to follow the directions, except what they supply is not working. All the other projects in the book have worked, except chapter 6 talking to the cloud also referred to as "Arduino networked lamp" example 08A is the processing code and example 08B is the Arduino code. They are supposed to be working together. If anyone has gotten this example to work can you please give me some things to try. Thank You in advance.

Try changing the URL to Slashdot. The URL in the example doesn't seem to be available anymore. You'll also want to try searching for words other than peace love and arduino as well.

Example: String feed = "";

Thank you!

I was also following the example from the book; hence encountered the error and your suggestion to use Slashdot instead helped! :)