Talking to uDAM (ND-6520) and ADAM 5000E units

Hi all, absolute beginner here and I'm sure Arduino will do this job but wanted to check before ordering. Specifically if I should be ordering a certain type..

We currently have a Windows NT based PC PC which sends and receives commands to an old RS232 Keypad Terminal via a uDAM ND-6520 unit (

via 9-pin COM1 port on the PC.

We have another uDAM ND-6520 which then sends/recieves data to an ADAM 5000E box (this in turn then sends/receives signals to our relays). This is via 9-pin COM2 port.

We would then need it to be accessible via ethernet network and record information about what keypad presses have been done and what relays have been turned on/off.

Would a basic Arduino model do this job?