Talking to UDP servers, getting odd results.


I am currently writing firmware to turn an ESP8266 into a network adapter for Atari 8-bit systems.

A big part of this is interfacing to a protocol called TNFS for disk block read/write over network, which
is described here:

And my current iteration of the test code is here:

I get all the way to the OPEN state, and I should be receiving a file descriptor byte in packet offset 5, but I seem to be receiving the same thing as what was being replied to in the mount command. Since the mount command is successful, it thinks the open command is also successful.

Am I doing something totally wrong in the pattern, here? How should I handle the pattern for talking to UDP servers?


I'm not a specialist for that TNFS protocol but usually a UDP packet has to be acknowledged, otherwise it will be sent again. As I cannot see an acknowledgement packet being sent after receiving the mount response I guess you receive a resent packet with the mount response.