Taming Technology/Addomesticare la Tecnologia - 22-23/4 Montale 29-30/4 Firenze

Ricevo e condivido per chi volesse seguire un interessante esperienza:

Switch - Creative Social Network in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Nub and Tempo Reale present Taming Technology, a two day program including performances, DJ sets, installations, lectures and workshops exploring the territory between music, art and new media. The focus will be on practices such as physical computing, interface and interaction design, hardware hacking and biological computation, framed as fields of research capable of providing new connections between the virtual domain and the physical world.

Taking part in the program will be: Giulio Ammendola, Lilian Beidler, Holo Unplugged Laptop Ensemble, Francesco Giomi, Ivan Henriques, Alessandro Ludovico, Matteo Marangoni, Damiano Meacci, Slugabed, Eddie Spanier, Transductors Connections, Quiet Ensemble and Tom Verbruggen.

The program will take place on april 22nd and 23rd at the Associazione Culturale Nub in Montale (PT) and in Florence on april 29th and 30th at the historical prison complex of Le Murate and at the club Cargo. The project has the support of the Comune di Firenze and of the Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome.

maggiori info: http://www.soundkino.org/?p=1074#more-1074 http://www.soundkino.org/documents/Taming_Technology_programma_IT.pdf www.soundkino.org/media/Taming_Technology_immagini_HQ.zip