Tangible CAD-modelling concept.

Hi. I´m a master student in Industrial Design, and working with a way to implement CNC-milling into primary education as my diploma.

Initially I suspected that the problem with use was because of the machine it self. Things such as tool change, calibration, fastening, etc. But as I continued researching, one of the main problems was the software and cad tools for creation.

The concept is a physical pinscreen, that the children can manipulate either with fingers, or with countours and shapes. This model is then previewed real time on some kind of screen, and the converted to an stl.

In theory, I dont need to make a functional model, just create a visual model to illustrate the concept. The problem is that I´m not able to test the concept with the children and further iterate on it, without a functional model.

The “pinscreen” would be 1612cm, with 1216=192 pins that I need to know the z-position of.

At the moment, my only feasible plan is using 12+1 multiplexers, each with 16 inputs. This would then need to be connected to 192 potentiometers(ideally a linear, but I will probably end up translating linear motion to rotation, and use a regular screwpot), and the send it to processing to create a “point cloud” and possibly mesh it.

I attach a mockup of the circuit(not fully created) and a short video of the concept.

If you guys have any great ideas as of how to make it simpler or easier, please let me know.

Video explaining the concept

Best regards,
Petrit Holmgaard Gerxhaliu
ID student at Oslo School of Architecture and Design

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Your fritzy circuit was not high enough resolution.
You should be able to Export a jpg image and post that, it will be better than a screen capture.

Before you post, please make your wires either horizontal or vertical, diagonal wires make a good schematic look very average and confusing as to their connections.

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile: