I'm building a wooden TARDIS from Dr. Who for a friend. It is to be a graduation gift. My idea is to house the Arduino and other components in the trapezium on top. I've seen many things people have made with the Arduino, and I have dabbled with simple electric projects in the past, (Lighting, radio assemply, and building computers) however I've followed guides and in many instances do not know the elctriric or science behind them. I know NOTHING of microcontrollers save what they do. I've had some work with java and html coding, but that is it.

TL;DR I have NO IDEA where to begin

But I want the TARDIS to flash a slow strobe light, light a constant light behind the "Police Box" display, play multiple sounds (when different buttons are pressed), and possibly spin a gear used to open and close the door (this is not as important)... I have some old tv/stereo remotes, and would like each funtion to be independently controlled by different buttons through and IR reader... I would also like to have the unit plug into the wall for power to eliminate batteries...

First, is this ALL possible on a single module. Second, where should someone with such little experience begin?

It should be possible. The main issue will be making sure that you have enough I/o pins to do everything you want. Hoe to start? Each of the functions on their own are simple, so create them independently to get experience on using the software and circuits you will need. Then build up the final project function by function using the knowledge and subsystems you have worked on as prototypes.

Good luck, sounds like fun!

For hints on getting started, you might take a look at post #23 on this thread. It's about building a robot, but the grand scheme applies here as well.


The real key is to take it "one step at a time", and bootstrap off what you learn at each point along the way.